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Louie Giglio

"How great is our God?"


Exploring the vastness of God's created universe that speaks to our insignificance... even as He whispers our name to remind us we are His beloved.

The Arrows

[feat. Pamela Myburgh]

"In the words of satan"


Powerful music video that exposes the power of lies and reveals the sorrow that comes from believing them.

Heather Dorniden

@ 2008 Big Ten Indoor Track Championships


The power of perseverance personified.

Derek Redmond

@1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona


Courage and perseverance to finish the race...


Dr. Masuru Emoto

"Water, consciousness, and intent"


A fascinating experiment with water that will make you reconsider the thoughts you think and the words you say.

Purple Feather

"The power of words"


We often underestimate the power of words...which truly contain the power of life or death.


"Give a Little Love"


The ripple effect of kindness goes much farther than we can imagine.

Shane Koyczan

"To this day project"


At a time when bullying has (sadly) become far too common...this spoken word presentation offers a much needed perspective.






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