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 The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who

is fully trained will be

like their teacher.

LUKE 6:40


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Available Workshop Topics

Emotionally Healthy Home

Building an emotionally healthy home for our children to thrive

Image by Allen Taylor
Image by Marcos Paulo Prado
Grief & Family

Helping children process grief and loss

Image by Jonathan Borba
God’s Design

Mentoring your children into God’s design

Image by Ashton Bingham
Your Child’s Temperament

Understanding your child’s temperament to bring out their best


Other Resources by Daniel & Vicki Hagadorn 

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Workshops For Your Church Community

1 day 1 session

Single session on one of our workshop topics or selected theme. 

2 days 4 sessions
2-Day Seminar

Two sessions per day for two days on one of our workshop topics or selected theme. 

1 day 2-3 sessions
1-Day Seminar

Two to three sessions in a single day on one of our workshop topics or selected theme. 

Online Coaching

Personalized to meet your individual needs in a safe, confidential environment.


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Parenting Videos

Access to online parenting resources and video courses 

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A special discount for all PK4L courses, books and programs


Daniel came alongside us, and his coaching made all the difference in what we ultimately discovered was possible…Our child is now a beautiful young woman who is thriving as a high school student.

—  Michelle G. | Los Angeles, CA


About Us

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As co-founders of Preparing Kids for Life (PK4L), Daniel and Vicki Hagadorn have combined their 40+ years of experience into a powerful ministry, equipping parents all over the country to help their children become the best version of themselves. These proven tools for godly parenting are now available to your church community.

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