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The Five Dimensions: Mental

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

The third of the five dimensions of human development is mental.

While most of us tend to equate the development of our minds with being “smart” (whatever that even means), education is really just about cultivating (1) the love of learning and (2) the ability to learn how to learn.

In fact, once a basic educational foundation has been established, the real learning begins. Your child can begin experimenting with various subjects, curricula, books, and mentors to determine what connects with their passion + talent. Or, what educational guru Ken Robinson refers to as someone's "element."

But, to truly master the art of self-education, our children must learn to correctly interpret their failures. So, assuming they've done their personal best, THEN…

  • Failing only describes their result, not their identity...

  • Failing enables them to see what doesn’t work, so that they can more quickly discover what will work...

  • Failing becomes a ladder, not an obstacle, on their path to success...

THOMAS EDISON (1847-1931) | To increase your rate of success, double your rate of failure.

Since properly understanding failure actually leads to greater success, the focus simply needs to be on the excellence of the effort. This is exemplified in an attitude that demands, “just your best” instead of, “just enough.” I will even go so far as to suggest that true satisfaction in any endeavor is impossible without diligence and excellence of effort.

In the end, we need to train our children to ask themselves two simple questions:

1. Did you do your best?

2. If you can do better, should you?

My next post will highlight some ways you can engage your children in the fourth of the five dimensions of human

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