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Designed to Thrive

This seminar can be individually tailored to your needs as a Key Note, Half/Full Day Workshop, or Weekend Seminar.

You will learn:

The Top Two Fears That Every Parent Has

  • Discover. Why every parent’s two greatest fears about their children’s future are actually a parent’s two greatest strengths.

The Seven Lessons You Never Knew You Learned In School

  • Enlighten. Identify the lessons you never knew you learned in school in order to discover where those fears came from.

De-Schooling in Six Simple (but not easy) Steps

  • Equip. Clear those lessons from your mind to ensure that they no longer interfere with how you choose to prepare your kids for life.

The Five Keys To Successful Mentorship

  • Empower. Apply time-tested principles of mentorship to replace those lessons and empower your child to become the very best version of themselves.

  • Breakout session

Knowledge APPLIED is power

  • Begin. The secret of getting better, is getting started. Put into practice what you’ve learned one step at a time.

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