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Why Do I Need Grief Recovery?

By Vicki Hagadorn

People don't cry because they are weak. They cry because they have been strong for too long.

JOHN W. JAMES | We are taught in life how to acquire things...we are never taught what to do when we lose them.

During our lifetimes we are certain to encounter at least one (and likely several) of the more than forty grieving experiences unique to the human condition. It could be losing someone with whom you have good memories…or painful memories. It could be emotional trauma from an abusive childhood, or relationship. It could be many things.

Whenever we are facing the end of a familiar pattern of behavior, we are experiencing grief. Since "unresolved grief is about undelivered communication of an emotional nature," recovery is about becoming emotionally complete and beginning the next phase of your life with a fresh perspective. And it IS possible to experience completion with the grief you are feeling as the result of a death, divorce, or any other kind of loss.

The goal of the Grief Recovery Method

Whenever someone dies or goes away, they leave behind memories that require resolution. As a certified Grief Recovery Specialist, I have helped hundreds of people over the last 16 years learn how to navigate emotions so painful that they interfere with their ability to function optimally in life.

Of course no one can change the past, but there are things you can do in the present to experience emotional completion. Just remember this:

  1. Grievers are not broken. Therefore, they do not need to be fixed. They simply need to be listened to with dignity and respect in a safe environment.

  2. Grief is emotional, not intellectual. Therefore, your heart cannot be healed with your head.

As you continue the journey of life with all of its ups and downs, we are committed to bringing you the very best information, tools, and support available on the subject of grief and loss.

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